Do you want to take your water hardening into next level?
With our application you can have all your activity under control.


Just push the button when you are ready.



Monitoring your progress each time you get in.



Keeping track of how your heart is doing in cold water.



Synchronized with Apple and Google Fit.



Track your progress

Wondering how far you went? With our app you have all statistics under one roof.

Average Heart Rate

Make sure your heart is enjoying cold water as well.

Time spent in cold water

Eager to know that figure? Maybe you’ll be surprised.


Getting to cold water right now? Tailor your water hardening with us to get the best experience.
  • Choose a Program (Cold shower / Ice Bath / Lake Bath)

  • Set Timer On / Off

  • Set Alarm or Vibrate

  • Set Water temperature


App Features

Get the most out of Cold Water Therapy. Track your progress daily, plan it and share it.
Enjoy your journey to kingdom of cold water to the max with us.

User accounts

Simply create your account and start big journey today.


Have all your statistics under one roof to track your progress.

Heart rate

Make sure your heart is doing well as well.


Show off where you are enjoying cold water today.


How did you feel? Memorize the moment in notepad.


Plan your cold water therapy journey properly.


Each second in cold water counts. Set your goal and get ready.

Share progress

Tell the world about your today’s achievement and inspire others.

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What Our Client Say
About Apdash

We have users around the globe who decided to take their lifestyle to another level.
John C.

John C.

Me and my friends use Cold Water Therapy app as a great tool to challenge each other virtually. Who beats who this week? That’s a constantly relevant question since we use Cold Water Therapy.

Peter H.

Peter H.

I was considering to start with water hardening already couple of seasons. When I finally decided to take my first step I wanted to be sure to track my progress properly. Cold Water Therapy made this possible from my very beginnings.

Kamila P.

Kamila P.

I’ve been hardening for one year but I felt like I was groping. I wasn’t sure if I was doing it right or even if I was getting any better. Now thanks to Cold Water Therapy I can check all my progress and even share it with my friends.

Cold Water Therapy APP - FAQ

We know what you are wondering about and we have all the answers here for you.

Yes, our application is totally for free. You can download it right now and start using it immediately and won’t be charged anything now or later.

If you use Apple iOS, click here to download application. For Android, click here and download our application. You can download it for free and start using directly.

Our cold water therapy app is available on Android as well as Apple store. Our application is also compatible with Apple Watch (series 5 and higher) and Wear OS.

Our application is compatible with Apple Watch series 5 and higher. So in case you have Apple Watch 4 or lower unfortunately you won’t be able to use our app.

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